5 simple tips against stress in the workplace

You want to make it in terms of career, but also enjoy with your friends and your family. Does the combination of these two make you feel stressed? That is a thing of the past from now on. With these simple tips, go to a future without stress and make your dreams come true.

  1. Give mindfulness a chance

Breathe in .... Breathe out ... At first sight, mindfulness may seem ridiculous. Yet some quiet music and breathing exercises will help you. Click here and find the perfect meditation playlist for beginners.

  1. Plan relaxation in

Allow yourself some peace. You will undoubtedly always plan important meetings. Then why don't you do that with the time you need for yourself. Plan every week a few hours for some relaxation. Everything that bothers you, let it go for a moment. You have an important meeting with yourself.

  1. Make your head empty

Use the place in your head for creative ideas. You can only do this if the small tasks are completed. Therefore, use post-ITs or your note app to write down your to do's. It has several advantages. First, you can easily finish your to do's and see your progress. In addition, there is a free place in your head for ingenious ideas. And that is precisely what our heads are for.

  1. Stop multitasking

One task at the same time is enough. Take your time and focus on one task at a time. This way you work more efficiently and more qualitatively. You can also get into the flow easier and that makes time fly. In addition, you ensure that your head never gets overheated.

  1. Get more out of your day with nutritional supplements & vitamins

With stress you do not immediately think of nutritional supplements or vitamins. Yet some help against stress. They ensure that the stress has less effect on your body and your mood. Many young professionals immediately feel a difference when taking such a dietary supplement. Soon, stress sounds like a distant past.


Pharmacist Dirk
Founder Metis Supplements

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