Natural supplements for students

Get the right support during this hellish time. Enjoy better grades and 20% discount with the code STUDENT20.

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How metis helps students

Specially developed for students

Pharmacist Dirk originally developed the Metis formulas for his own student children.

Safe, Easy & Effective

Our supplements are not drugs, do not contain addictive substances and you only take them when you want to.

Natural & Reusable

Refill your cup with the Eco-Refills. Our formulas also contain only natural ingredients.

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Exclusive Metis formulas

- Regulates your day-night rhythm

Working at night can firmly upset your biological rhythm. Metis Sleep 08 helps control your day-night rhythm naturally. €21.20 (instead of €26.50)

- Reduces physical & mental stress

The constant pressure during the exam period can be mentally and physically very exhausting. Metis Anti-Stress 03 increases your stress and anxiety resistance.€27.96 ((instead of €34.95)

- Strengthens your focus & memory

Your brain is not made to stay focused for hours at a time. Metis Energy 06 provides the necessary energy to your brain and supports your memory.€21.20 (instead of €26.50)

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"I give my review after one jar and one refill pack and am very happy with the results. In September I was in full overdrive and these supplements have helped me get back into a healthy pace."

- Marianne B.


High dose of natural ingredients (that's why they sometimes taste or smell a little crazy) that are optimally absorbed by your body.


Plant extracts, vitamins and adaptogens that have been known for their benefits for centuries.Brought together with the latest scientific research.


The best ingredients - vegan whenever possible - and of course never addictive.

Always ecological and produced in Belgium.


Contains no unnecessary fillers, artificial colors, flavors or fragrances. Only what matters.

Free shipping from €29

98% Next-day delivery

Fast effect


Best Product of the Year 2022-2023

Metis Personalised & Metis Sleep 08 are both nominated for best product of the year within the Food Supplements and Self Care Medication categories.

What makes Metis better

More in a capsule - we take that literally. Our formulas contain higher doses, better and natural ingredients and contain everything you need for optimal effect.

Vergelijking Metis Energy 06 tov andere vergelijkbare producten. Metis Energy bevat doorgaans een hogere dosis aan sterkere en beter op te nemen ingrediënten.

Example: Metis Energy 06 US most comparable competitor

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