Without Compromise

More in a capsule, we take quite literally. More of the ingredients that matter. No superfluous fillers, colorings,... Just more of "the good stuff". Up to even twice as much as others.

More in your capsule but no more in your toilet. We make sure that what goes into your capsules also ends up in your body. This by natural ingredients in the best absorbable form. Our ingredients have the highest level of active ingredients. The active ingredients in the ingredients that matter? We maximize those. No water with the wine. We want this to work. Tough formulas? Always.


High dose of natural ingredients (that's why they sometimes taste or smell a little crazy) that are optimally absorbed by your body.


Plant extracts, minerals, adaptogens and vitamins that have been known for centuries for their benefits. Finally brought together with the latest scientific research.

Metis Supplements Capsule


The best ingredients - vegan whenever possible - and never addictive. Ecologically packaged and produced in Belgium.


Contain no unnecessary fillers, artificial colors, flavors or fragrances. Only what matters.


All our products were developed by Dirk Christiaen, a pharmacist with over 30 years experience. They were later optimized in collaboration with a visiting professor of phytotherapy at the KU Leuven. They strongly believe in scientifically based ingredients and evidence based formulas.


Metis makes its capsules in the promised land of pharmaceutical bureaucracy and quality control: Belgium!

Our unique formulas are manufactured in strictly controlled and independent facilities. These are all ISO 22000 and HACCP certified. All ingredients are carefully analyzed one by one before going into production.

This way we can be sure that you receive safe and quality supplements from us.

When life happens

Five unique formulas to give your mental well-being, body care and self-confidence a well-deserved boost.

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