Effective Amino Acids

Metis Hair & Nails 09 with effective amino acids helps you achieve healthier hair.

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How Metis Hair & Nails 09 helps you keep your hair healthy

Care ingredients

The effective amino acids in Hair & Nails 09 have a positive effect on the health of your hair and nails. It provides the necessary building blocks.

Does what it promises

Metis Hair & Nails 09 is a supplement that really works. Thanks to the higher dose of powerful, natural and easily absorbed ingredients, you can be sure of a noticeable effect.

Originally for his children

What is now available to everyone, Pharmacist Dirk originally developed for his children. With it, he supported them during the exam period - and with success.

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Metis Hair & Nails 09 Curepack

The necessary building blocks thanks to the effective amino acids in the cure of the Metis Hair & Nails 09 Curepack

Ingredients: Bamboo extract (75% silica), Olive leaf extract (20% oleuropein), L-Cystine, L-Methionine, Zinc, Biotin, Vitamin B6

Curepack contents: 204 capsules in 1 Reusable Cup and 2 Eco-Refills.

Usage:2 capsules per day, in the morning with some water.

Recommended course of 3 months for optimal effect.

Vegetarian ● Non-addictive ● No preservatives, flavors or fragrances ● Natural

$97.50 $85.95
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"Finally healthy hair thanks to those effective amino acids, blissful!"

- Elke S.


High dose of natural ingredients (that's why they sometimes taste or smell a little crazy) that are optimally absorbed by your body.


Plant extracts, vitamins and adaptogens that have been known for their benefits for centuries.Brought together with the latest scientific research.


Natural and vegetarian ingredients.

Ecological reusable packaging and produced in Belgium.


Contains no unnecessary fillers, artificial colors , flavors or fragrances. Only what matters.

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English support

Fast and effective


Best Product of the Year 2022-2023

At Metis we go for quality. That is why we are Metis Personalised & Metis Sleep 08 both voted best product of the year within the Food Supplements and Self-Care Medication categories.

What Metis Hair & Nails 09 makes better

More in a capsule - we take that literally. Our formula contains a higher dose of better and natural ingredients, and contains everything you need for optimal effect.

Metis Hair & Mails 09 US most comparable competitor

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