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Metis Sleep 08 helps you fall asleep faster, sleep deeper and has a calming effect. Completely on a natural basis and without addictive effect.

Looking for better sleep?

Do you wake up tired, even though you've had a long sleep? Are you short-tempered or stressed because of your poor sleep? In short, are you not yourself anymore? Poor sleep can drastically affect your quality of life, both for young and old.

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"After taking these supplements for a week, I was finally - after 6 years - able to sleep well again! It helps effectively... Another plus, the kilos are also coming off better now. Thanks!"

Fall asleep faster

Fall asleep faster thanks to the effective combination of Melatonin and Valerian. Stop fretting and fall asleep carefree.

Sleep better by

Keep on sleeping blissfully for the rest of the night. Wake up wonderfully rested, and start your day full of energy.

Unwind in the evening

Unwind completely with the soothing properties of Eschscholzia. De-stress, relax and allow some time for yourself.

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30 Years of practice in a cup

Pharmacist Dirk originally developed the formulas for his children and, together with them, started Metis up. Metis strives to make the very best supplements. This is based on scientifically founded formulas with more and more efficient ingredients.In the meantime, more than 600 pharmacists already trust Metis to their customers.

How to use

Take 1 capsule with water in the evening, 30 min before bedtime.

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Created by a pharmacist

Originally made for his children

Pharmacist Dirk Christiaen wanted to support his studying children with effective nutritional supplements during exams, but found nothing to please his expert eye.

So he set to work himself to create effective formulas whose effect you can really feel. Despite the very critical attitude of his children, it turned out not to miss its effect....

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