Try Metis® Hair + Nails 09

Does the cold weather give you hair problems too?

Try Metis Hair & Nails 09

Powerful Hair & Nails supplement
Natural & effective ingredients
Made in Belgium

A unique natural Metis® formula

High dose of natural ingredients that are optimally absorbed by your body.

Effective ingredients

Ingredientsthat have been known for centuries for their benefits. Brought together with the latest scientific research.

Ethical & Vegetarian

Exclusively vegetarian and non-addictive ingredients. Produced in Belgium.

Sugar free

Hair & Nails 09 is sugar free and without artificial colors, preservatives, flavors or fragrances.

No superfluous substances

Contains no fillers, artificial colors , flavors or fragrances.

600+ pharmacists recommend Metis to

Our supplements are recommended in more than 600 Flemish pharmacies for their quality.

Bamboo extract

Bamboo is very rich in silicon. This, processed into a supplement, has a positive effect on bones, cartilage and collagen.

Olive Leaf Extract

The main substances in olive leaf extract are strong antioxidants and help against hair loss due to stress.

 L-cystine amino acid

Your hair and nails are made up of keratin fibers. Keratin is a protein that is mainly made up of L-cystine.

L-Methionine amino acid

Methionine is an amino acid that improves skin tone and elasticity, promotes healthy hair and strengthens nails.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Metis Hair & Nails 09 during my pregnancy?

It is not recommended to Metis Hair & Nails 09 during pregnancy as there are insufficient studies available on possible side effects. Taking the supplements during breastfeeding does not pose any problems.

From when will I see results?

Our clients say they see a first effect after 4-6 weeks and a perfect result after 3 months. Our hair has a 3 month hair cycle, Metis Hair & Nails 09 is therefore available in a Curepack for a wonderful result.

Is Metis Hair & Nails 09 vegan?

No, unfortunately not. At Metis we always choose the very best ingredients and go for perfect results. Unfortunately, we have not yet found a replacement for 1 particular ingredient that prevents us from being able to sell it as Vegan. It is of course Vegetarian but unfortunately not yet Vegan, this for quality reasons.

Created by a pharmacist

Originally made for his children

Pharmacist Dirk Christiaen wanted to support his studying children with effective nutritional supplements during exams, but found nothing to please his expert eye.

So he set to work himself to create effective formulas whose effect you can really feel. Despite the very critical attitude of his children, it turned out not to miss its effect....

Discover the story behind Metis