Try Metis® Energy 06

Suffering from a winter dip?

Try Metis Energy 06

Powerful energy supplement
Natural & effective ingredients
Made in Belgium

A unique Metis® formula

High dose of natural ingredients that are optimally absorbed by your body.

Effective ingredients

Ingredientsthat have been known for centuries for their benefits. Brought together with the latest scientific research.

Ethical & Vegan

Exclusively vegan and non-addictive ingredients. Produced in Belgium.

Sugar free

Energy 06 is sugar free and without artificial colors, flavors or fragrances.

No superfluous substances

Contains no fillers, artificial colors, flavors or fragrances.

Not addictive

Our supplements do not contain addictive ingredients like coffee or energy drinks.

Frequently asked questions

What's the difference with coffee?

Metis Energy 06 is a natural nutritional supplement. It ensures that the energy level is increased in a sustainable manner. Compared to other stimulants (such as coffee, energy drinks, etc.), 06 provides a sustainable increase in energy levels. Metis for a longer and softer effect, without peaks and valleys in energy levels.

I have diabetes, may I Metis Energy 06 use it?

The action of our strong ginseng enhances the action of insulin. It is therefore best to consult a physician before use.

May I Metis Energy 06 use before sleeping?

We recommend Metis Energy 06 be taken in the morning (2 capsules). Due to the active effect, it is better Metis Energy 06 not be taken just before going to sleep. Metis Sleep 08 helps you relax completely before going to sleep.

Can I take this together with Metis Sleep 08?

They are a good combination because they are taken at different times. The energy boost from Metis Energy 06 works during the day, while Metis Sleep 08 helps you fall asleep and sleep through the night. Metis Energy 06 and Metis Sleep 08 make the ideal combo.

Created by a pharmacist

Originally made for his children

Pharmacist Dirk Christiaen wanted to support his studying children with effective nutritional supplements during exams, but found nothing to please his expert eye.

So he set to work himself to create effective formulas whose effect you can really feel. Despite the very critical attitude of his children, it turned out not to miss its effect....

Discover the story behind Metis