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Metis® Supplements for HEALTH & LIFESTYLE coaches

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To promote our partner platform you can now temporarily order €300 of free products. So you can use the Metis range without any risk or further obligation.

"...much Metis clients have long relied on Health & Lifestyle coaches as a result."

Metis clients attach great value to their mental and physical well-being. Many of them have long relied on Health & Lifestyle coaches.

By natural supplements offering high dosage and potent active ingredients, you can now make your ownserve customers when they are at home.

Our supplements are sugar free, vegan/vegetarian and contain no artificial colors, flavors or fragrances. temporarily €300 of free products

To promote our partner platform, you can now temporarily order €300 worth of free products. This way you can use the Metis range, without any risk or further obligation.Only the VAT will have to be paid temporarily.

Best sellers at Health & Lifestyle coaches

Unique Metis® formulas

High dose of natural ingredients that are optimally absorbed by your body.

Effective ingredients

Ingredientsthat have been known for centuries for their benefits. Brought together with the latest scientific research.

Ethical & Plant-based

Vegan/Vegetarian and without addictive ingredients. Produced in Belgium.

Unique ecological concept

Stylish reusable glass cups. Easily refillable with compostable Eco-refills.

Sugar free & no superfluous substances

Metis supplements are sugar free and without artificial colors, flavors or fragrances.

Not addictive

Do not contain addictive ingredients such as sleep medications or antidepressants

What people say about Metis® say

Unique & powerful formulas developed by specialists

Pharmacist Dirk developed the Metis® formulas first for his children. The formulas and his children succeeded with distinction. Together with food and supplement specialists, the formulas were further developed into the powerful supplements from which the Metis® range consists of today.

Know what you sell

Become a confident vitamin expert

Video training

Through short online training courses, we are happy to tell you more about our formulas and the relevant benefits for your customers.

1-on-1 Conversations

We are always available by phone and are happy to help you if you have questions about our products or services.

Tips and tricks

Sporadically we send out emails about frequently asked questions and/or novelties in our product range.

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Created by a pharmacist

Originally made for his children

Pharmacist Dirk Christiaen wanted to support his studying children with effective nutritional supplements during exams, but found nothing to please his expert eye.

So he set to work himself to create effective formulas whose effect you can really feel. Despite the very critical attitude of his children, it turned out not to miss its effect....

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